Sam started his show career when he was a pup with a few handlers. He got his first point in the 6-9 month puppy class, and was shown lightly there after to let him grow. He debuted back into the shown scene when he was two years old and got Winners Dog for 1 point his first time back out.

Sam got 2  more points underneath Mr. Charles E. Doran.

He was also shown to his National and International Championship.


He went on to get a total of 5 AKC points, but due to a tragic and most devastating event, Sam HAD to be retired from the ring. While going in for an X-Ray on hips for an OFA rating, Sam was severely injured under the care of the veterinarian and his staff. He can now never show, or breed due to the severe spinal injury he incurred during that short period of time away from us. Sam retired to his spot on the couch, and on New Years Eve before 2009 he passed away at almost 7 years of age from DCM. 

With the heartache we have had from Sam's & Deva's pedigree losing them both along with 5 of Deva's  off spring to DCM from the breeder we got them from ( Deva was bred back one of the  breeders stud) we  will NO longer have this Pedigree at our ranch to show/breed .  They all were Deeply loved and are missed.  We health test & keep our records and will NOT Breed DCM.

Sad to say DCM is something that is kept quiet in the Dane world, and if we do NOT share information it will affect more of our beloved Great Danes  and cause their early death.  We as responsible breeders  will share what we know of facts of health tests etc.  and will avoid breeding DCM at all costs! Health testing is a MUST with a Echocardiogram along with keeping many years of health records to breed the healthiest Dane we can. We are NOT God but, we can do health testing and keep records to share with other responsible breeders to not breed DCM.           


(Sam, winners dog from the 6-9 for 1 point)

Please visit our page about DCM to learn more about this heart breaking disease and how it is passed on genetically, so that you may avoid going through the heartache we have. Breeders that continue to breed such horror into their bloodlines and breeders ignoring this epidemic are committing the worst crime of all a

"Death Sentence"

(Sam, 1 years old, with his late aunt Deva)



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