"Sampson Sir Riley

Please Note:  I had to make a decision on my beloved Sam as it was the time that we all dread with a
loved one. His mind was still alert, but his body did not follow. Sampson was the love of my life.  He was put down March 28, 2003 being an angel for 16 years with me.

Wrote for Sam by jolene


                                You came into my life as a bundle of gold
                                Your companionship was faithful,
                                Your love was only mine to hold.

                                When it came to anything
                                you looked at me for an OK,
                                otherwise you would not move and stand by me for an
                                entire day.

                                I know God sent you as my angel to watch over me
                                We shared everything except the day I had to
                                choose to set your
                                body from your spirit free.

                                With tears in my eyes I begged your forgiveness
                                for what I had to do
                                I held you through it all and told you my love
                                will always be true.

                                Everyday I miss you and reflect on all you and I
                                the loneliness for you is more than I can bare.

                                I know your still watching over me as, we can
                                tell your spirit is still here
                                we all talk about you everyday and I always shed
                                a tear.

                                We asked you if possible for you to someday come
                                back as a Dane
                                I will know it will be you as, you will still
                                act the same.

                                I want you to always know we all loved you so
                                very much
                                until again My Dearest Friend  when on earth  or heaven our
                                hearts once again can touch.

                                There will never ever be one such as you
                                Your love was stand fast and true
                                Until then I'll be missing you !!! 


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