Training is important to have a well trained socialized dog regardless of what the breed is. We offer training and handling for most breeds, specializing in Great Danes and Dalmatians. We train for conformation and basic obedience, and CGC preparation. Private lessons are available, and take place at our Ranch, a local Park, or from your home (please contact for us more details). We will also be forming a socialization class, so please check back for updates on the time and place. 


                    (Tanika Twigg  with JGD Fyrehouse Smokin' Topaz)       (Jolene  with JGD Fyrehouse First Class Lieutenant)

About Jolene

Jolene has been involved with dogs and horses all of her life. On her  family's ranch they had many working breeds which started her love for the Great Dane, Doberman and German Shepherd breed.  She was very active with her family in 4-H with both dogs and horses  with then earning the title of Rodeo Queen in her early twenties. She competed  in many horse events.  She went to college and took animal husbandry classes along with earning a degree in Psychology. She began showing/breeding Dobermans in the 1980's, but when she entered Law Enforcement  which demanded all of her time she was forced to give up her love of showing and breeding.  She enjoys working with  animal rescue and helping find lost animals. Jolene is now  retired from Law Enforcement  and devotes all of her time to her Great Danes, Dalmatians, and other businesses. Jolene returned to the conformation scene when she began JGD Great Danes in the year 2000, and got her foundation Dalmatian bitch in 2004 and began JGD Dalmatians. Jolene's other interest's are  E-Z Leads, Tasty Turds Dog Treats, and Animal Communicator/Intuitive Reader. Jolene enjoys being able to work close with with her family Tanika  with their love of animals.  She helps train service dogs with having her own service Dane " Dreamer"  with "Lovie" in training to join the service dog ranks with plans of Ru also joining the ranks .

About Tanika Twigg  May 3, 1988 - Dec 7, 2012

Tanika's life was taken on Dec 7, 2012.

Our hearts are broken. Not just a family member and my little girl but my best friend. It will never be the same at the ranch wthout her laughter and singing of songs she loved to sing. She will be missed more than any words could express. We are so proud of her loving life as she did.

She showed our dogs with passion and it showed in our winning, Making history with finishing 3 full sibllings of our JGD Fyrehouse  Dals Sizzle, Josie and toby her fav liver boy Toby pictured with her above going to Group ones!

We are so saddened her life was taken.  We want to remember her laughter and smiles. We will miss her so much. Tanika would come up to me with a BOB ribbon saying "look Momma Jo we did it again" and always on my Birthday we would WIN BIG!

She loved to ride her horse Kimi and playing with the animals on the ranch. She has met our animals we have lost  at the rainbow bridge. Wait for us tanika till we meet again. I love you my little girl. 




Tanika started off in the 4-H, Juniors, and Conformation with her Pomeranians Firebrook'n'Darlin's Southern Comfort and Quest's For Sunny's Galaxy Star when she was growing up in Ohio. She eventually moved out to California where she met Jolene and began training under jolene with teaming up and handling for JGD Great Danes and JGD Dalmatians. She showed sparingly in Juniors, but moved up to Open Senior within her first weekend of showing in the Senior Classes with Nat/Intl Ch. Sir Samuel De Suenos.  Tanika graduated from High School a year early and then mentored under Peter and Charlotte Ventura (PHA Handlers) and worked at their grooming shop in Fresno, Ca. A year later, she mentored underneath Professional Handler Mike Stone and worked at the Granite Bay Boarding Kennel. Tanika attended Cuyahoga Community College in Ohio and has 30 more credits until she gets her Associate Degree. She is currently studying the Art of Healing at California Healing Arts Academy in Southern California and will return to Community College to get her Associate. 



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