Proof is in the Pedigree

In the past  we have lost two danes that we had purchased to show from the same pedigree and breeder to this horrible disease. Able to overtake your dog in as little as a few months, this fast acting disorder is a terrible thing to ever have happen to your loved ones.

We bought two of our Great Danes from a Breeder " Timmi Williams" of Echo's Great Danes back in 2000 our bitch Miss Deva De Suenos "Deva" got DCM. SAD to say Deva was bred to the Breeders Stud per agreement before we became aware of this and five of those 6 puppies of that litter all died of DCM.  We had asked before breeding what health test's to do and were told "I have nothing in my line" If we knew then what we know now we would of RAN!! NOW we want to see the testing from parents, grandparents and as far back as we can research.

From this same Pedigree we had ranging from the age's of  2 years to not even 6 years of age it claimed their lives. Our boy Sir Samuel de Suenos who was Deva's nephew also died of DCM  along with his offspring. (he was breed prior to all of this being known and had a clean echo)  Sam's Mother was Deva's sister.  Deva, Sam etc,  were diagnosed and treated at UC Davis. 

  We NO longer have that pedigree but, learned a lot about that pedigree and from it of DCM FIRST HAND.   According to  Dilated Cardiomyopethy (DCM) from UC Davis of the pedigree we had that it was indeed inherited even with a out cross breeding of Sam's offspring. ALL WERE AFFECTED!

We are VERY saddened that the same Pedigree is STILL being breed knowing of the DCM in it.  

This is why it is so IMPORTANT to do all health test's including echo cardiogram's with keeping vital records of your breed and it's pedigree during it's life time especially if you plan on being a reputable breeder and informing any puppy buyers too. 

RIP Miss Deva de Suenos 

From Echo's Great Danes Breeder Timmi Williams

Sire: The Determined Duke Von Echo x  Dam :Danemars Echo Full of Grace  

From Echo's Great Danes

RIP Sir Samuel de Suenos

Sire : Ch Echo's Speaker of the House X Dam Echo-Danmar's Poise ' n  Ivy

RIP Litter from  Deva all died of DCM

Sire : CH Echo's Speaker of the house X Miss Deva de Suenos

Sunny, Gunner, Duke, Manner and Cassie


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