A Blast from the pass at the Lodi Specialty on Sunday, Ruby won her class, made the cut for WB and got Best of Breed Puppy! Dreamer won her Veteran's Class, and Lovie made the cut and got an AOM!

Meet our "Ru"  Knopf's La Bella Vita at JGD "Ruby" by clicking here for her page! (RU)

 Look at our Planned Litter of 


Upcoming breeding For summer//fall 2023 

This will be an all Fawn X Brindle Litter!

                                         FAWN X Brindle                                          JGD Cupid of Hearts Bubba Cooperster 

 JGD J-L Heart (CHIC # pending)

"JGD Cupid of Hearts Bubba Coopster "  Chic#175806               Bubba has a "Excellent Hips" scoring from Penn Hip

"JGD J-Lo Heart " (CHIC pending) 

~She is a just a Dream ~      





Goldie J-Lo's Aunt 

Look what Goldie's brother "Enzo" loves to do!

Selection of homes will go by "Approved" selection off our questionnaire then by date of retainer fee. We have a questionnaire and retainer contract that has to be filled out so please if you desire a JGD puppy contact us as we cannot say you will get a pup if you wait.

Look at these two and the healthy pedigrees they will find their new families fast.   

important to get on the list so we KNOW your dedicated to the breed and a JGD Great Dane puppy.


You will see the substance and "Classic True Breed Type" in these Pedigrees!

Taking Retainers now       

Contact us at

Primary  email first listed


                               jgdgreatdanes@gmail.com or jdranchodesuenos@aol.com

                                                              Fully Health Tested  

                                                          We are taking puppy app's.

 Breeding for "Health"  Sound Temperaments & Structure substance and strong smooth movement for Service Animals & Show & Families.


"JGD Cupid Of Hearts Cooper "

Coopers fully health tested CHIC #   101843

"JGD Bonanza's Big Hoss" Lover X Drako's Son

6 Months old & first time out!



Some of Our Trained Service Dogs.


         Hello and welcome to JGD Great Danes also known as Rancho de' Suenos.  Located in Central California which is a short distance from Yosemite National Park. We have a little "OLE Rancho" that is filled with all types of critters. Our Ranch is spread out with horses along with a pond that our geese/ducks love to swim in. I have been involved in animals all of my life having been raised on a ranch in California with Danes, Dobermans, German Shepherds, horses, pigs and all farm life. From working on a large horse operation to assisting vets, I have had a lot of hands-on experience with all types of animals. I was showing Dobermans back in the 1980's until entering Law Enforcement which unfortunately demanded all of my time. After being injured in the line of duty, I have been forced to retire. Now with extra time on my hands what better to do but, train for service dogs & train & show quality Great Danes and Dalmatians.

Working on on health & longevity with our Danes medically documented living 12 to 16 years of age.

Breeding for the whole package Breed type, Health, Longevity, Bone and Substance with strong smooth movement with a solid temperament.

(We try to use & train rescue dogs but, due to temperament testing many fail the testing. Service dogs need a even temperament and rescue Pedigree's are unknown  


One of my main joys was having my first AKC Great Dane (Sampson Sir Riley) live with me for 16 years. He passed on March 28, 2003 & I know is waiting for me to join him. I did use herbs and natural supplements for Sam and helped him live a long, happy life! He received massage therapy and essential oils too. We must be doing something right as we also had our Quarter/Morgan horse "Chico" for 42 years and JD, our 17 year old AKC Doberman Spayed Bitch that was whelped from a breeding I did from my bitch "Romarhaven First Star" (call name - Precious), passed on Sept 14, 2004.

 We had shown our Deeply Loved Great Dane Int/Nat CH Sir Samuel de Suenos who was pointed in the AKC rings, and was retired from the show ring. We fondly refer to him as "Sam The Man". 

Sam was subjected to a severe spine injury by a Veterinarian and his staff while under going an OFA Hip X-ray. The injury was so severe he had to be treated medically for the rest of his life. Due to this injury we had to retire him from the show ring and stud service, because after consultations with Great Dane Veterinarians we decided that he was not able to be physically bred or for collection. We appreciate all of the inquiries regarding Sam to use him for a Stud or for puppies from  him.

Sam has since passed on and is now waiting at the rainbow bridge. Our foundation bitch Nat/Int CH Winterlochen Divine Dream. Dreamer, is known for her movement and soundness/health along with her sweet disposition! She whelped a beautiful litter.

(the litter that produced Drako and his sister Drena).

JGD Dreamer's King Drako has been fully health tested and received his CHIC # along with our brindle bitch Int/Nat CH Wolke’s JGD Incandescent Day’la” who has also produced a stunning litter of brindles and fawns.  Day’la  and our other bitch “Misty” is at the rainbow bridge, Nat/Intl Ch. Ghilam’s JGD Mystic In Motion are deeply missed.

We love our Danes; they are like our children and share everything with us. There are times that we have difficulty finding a place to sit in the living room of our home as all the couches are taken (by our Danes of course!). The list goes on for our older critters here at the rancho. We love each and every one of them and it shows! Love is in abundance at our ranch and you can see it through all of our creatures we have been blessed to have. Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have at:

 Contact us at  jgdgreatdanes@gmail.com or  jdranchodesuenos@aol.com . Click on the links below to visit our other pages!


  The Dane Posse at JGD Great Danes, JGD Fyrehouse Dalmatians


                       Proud Member of the Great Dane Club of America

                        Proud Member of The Dalmatian Club of America

** Please note due to the expense of breeding, health testing, progesterone's testing, etc, if you reserve a puppy and then decide you don't want a puppy the Deposit and any additional payments are non refundable. We spend hours of time updating and sharing news then when pups are born then holding the puppy for you with putting others behinds behind you in place who are hoping and dreaming of a JGD Dane Puppy.

Spending time keeping you updated sending pictures and alot more. It's a family thing for us. 




Also, check out our training page!

(Dreamer, Sam and Spirit; left pic)  (Ol'Sam, Baby Dreamer, and JD; right pic) 





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