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Exciting things coming for Late 2023! 

Very Exciting!!

J & Bubba 

Offering Health, Longevity, Great Temperament, Bone and substance solid structure and strong smooth movement.

Bubba is Just Amazing!  

He will give you a very Bold welcome at the JGD Ranch

To show his size this man is 6'5

J-Lo looks just like her Great Grandmother!! (Below)

Below is Her Aunt

Breeding for correct Breed Type





Laci pictured below with Goldie's litter.


                                                                        Below is a JGD Puppy!


Laci is very sweet outgoing girl 

Pictured as a pup she is our natural ear girl

Laci even as a pup trying to sneak in a kiss 

Laci is a Large Beautiful girl with lots of bone and substance

Laci so enjoys to give Love & Kisses to everyone! 

Laci is our Kisser Girl 

JGD Cupid Of Hearts Cooper &  JGD Daisy Has Her Dukes On 

Chic Numbers 101842 & Daisy's 117315 

"Daisy" Daisy has lots of bone even as a pup and a HUGE lover !

the picture above is Daisy as a 3 month old pup. 

Cooper is something so special too! 

"Cooper" is a Big solid boy standing at 200 plus pounds! He is a BIG intelligent Goof ball!  

Breeding For 

Approved Show Homes or Service Dogs ( mobility ) 

We approve Forever Family homes first & foremost!  

We health test for the betterment of our loved Breed

Health is the upmost important!

Get approved early to get on the waiting list! 

Taking Deposits!

 Upcoming Planned litters! 

Lots of bone and substance!  

Past litter of

Knopf's La Bella Vita at JGD aka Ru Chic# 101844


Nat/Int JGD'S Rocket's Red Glare aka Rocky Chic#101842

Fawn to Brindle Litter!



JGD Jumpin' Jax Flash! Loves his mom Stephanie B

           Out of "Ru & Rocky" (first litter) pic taken at 10 mos old         (6 foot fence right in the back ground he's a BIG boy!


Pix from our Bonanza litter that was Futurity Nominated   


 Puppies from Lover X Drako 

Joe is a working a service dog !! 





Laci is super outgrowing and loving!!

Dec 21, 2013




CHIC # 57112 



 CHIC # 101847



Drakos (TOP) X Lover's (Bottom) Pedigrees  






From our Past Lovie Litter  

that produced Lover and Cooper


   Am Ch Katcrew's Big Blonde & Beautiful of JGD AOM  

Lovie  had ALL health testing & has her CHIC#. 

Daddy is AM CH Knopf's Sergeant Major Sundown

          Both Fully Health tested with chic numbers!!

                   Lovie is a Big girl at  over 35inches @ 165 pounds! 

Ricky is a full 36 inches @ 175 pounds!

             To see more Pictures of Lovie go to her page!  

     This litter Futurity Nominated.


The "Love Litter" 
 with LOTS of Bone/Substance awesome top line pictured at 13 weeks at 50 pounds!

Look she is wagging her tail! 

Very Showy & Very Outgoing & LOVEABLE!

JGD's Love's Got a hold on Me  "Holden "

Holden is  BIG Boy with Lots of BONE!


We do not breed often so contact us to be put on a waiting list as we do full health testing when we do breed.

We do Not allow anyone onto the premises until pup's have started their vaccine programs due to Distemper & Provo etc that can be brought here on the bottom of visitor's shoes & be air born.

We  do a bleach mix bath spray or step in pan on shoes upon entering the ranch when the puppies have visitors for those that are hopefully seeking a forever Dane puppy from us. We do not allow traffic to the ranch prior, during etc when we breed. We don't do dog shows at the time of a breeding to attempt to insure NOT to bring something home with us that pups might catch.

NEVER be in a rush to get a Great Dane or any animal. Dreamer was 3 years in the making looking for her, Lovie was 2 years and Ru over a year of searching for a correct Great Dane with health testing. A good healthy pedigree is worth looking for & waiting for.

Please note once a puppy leaves us we cannot say what it will be subjected to from food to the exercise it gets from it's new family. We do check references.  We do request updated pictures and even visits to ensure our puppies are being taken care of.

We are here 24/7 for our puppies and their new forever family. We have formed wonderful extended relationships with our Fur Grand babies families.

  We health tested both parents with their parents being health tested.

We are not GOD but, we do the best we can in breeding a litter & taking care of that litter. 

There fore we cannot put a guarantee on them as they are NOT cars. 

Sex on a animal you desire? Boy or Girl? Note: all NON show puppies will be on a contract to be spayed or neutered so sex should not be a issue. What should be a issue is getting a well breed Great Dane Puppy from a Healthy Pedigree.    

Do your research! Dane puppies can be found all over the internet from "Rare Blue Merles" which by the way are not rare nor can be shown for 3 grand on up!! Then there are the newspaper Danes from $500.00 & up with NO health testing of parents pedigrees.  

Ask those breeders what health testing they do?

If they reply "Oh we have have nothing in our pedigree" Our advice is to "RUN" it takes years of breeding with medical documentation to breed a healthy pedigree. Even with all of that  we are NOT God & things can happen BUT, a good breeder documents with the intention of breeding for the betterment of the breed.

Health testing is a Must and gives a breeder a base line and shows what is or is not in a pedigree.

With no proof of a pedigree health documented health history "Buyers Beware"


Contact us at OR

We Put a lot of thought on who would be bred to Lovie our search lead us to Ricky


Lovie's father is BISS AM/Can CH Double D Daynakin Party Brew  AOM.

"Brew" is one of our Nation's Top Great Danes (Handled by Jane Chopson)

Brew is an OUTSTANDING  example of "True to Breed Type"

These are Healthy Pedigrees that we are very Proud Of.

Picture of "BISS AM/Can CH Double D Daynakin Party Brew AOM"

  Lovie's mother  a very nice Brindle Girl  is " AM CH Alpine's Da Got the Fever V Katcrew"

Ricky's Father & Lovie's Great Grandpa is shared both  by

"Am Ch Windy Hill's Kodak Moment ROM"  "Shane"

 "Shane"  was awarded the Health Award by the Great Dane Club of America

Chic # 200056

He is sire to more than 25 champions some of the top Danes in our nation,

A producer of many Heart & Excellent hip OFA rated Great Danes

Shane was bred by Mary Barnett & Loved by Ray & Elizabeth Streeter

Go to BRED BY US to see more puppies we have bred at their new homes!


Past Litter

Chic # Nat/Intl Ch. Wolke's JGD Incandescent Day'la


Chic #JGD Dreamer's King Dra'ko

Costello all grown up 2011 at 2years 2 mos old All Grown Up!

Below this pic "Cos" is the brindle pup in the middle of 2 fawns.




*Proud Member Of the Great Dane Club of America *



We don't breed often but when we do, we breed for the Best Health, Temperament, Conformation, Substance and Strong Smooth Movement. The future breeding has a lot of forethought put into it, as the health and longevity is very important when it comes to the betterment of the next generation. We do not breed unless we have something that is what we feel is an outstanding example for the breed so please take in consideration we will not have puppies available all the time, but we can direct you to respectful/responsible breeders. Our favorite motto is ‘Breed Quality not Quantity”.


We know health testing is very important to a successful breeding program. We will only take our Dogs to be tested at UC Davis Veterinarians who specialize in fully sedating the large breeds. (It is a plus if they themselves own Great Danes). You can view all Our dogs OFA records and health testing on for reference. The testing includes Cardio, Hips, Elbows, Eyes, and Thyroid etc.

 Puppy Buyer Information

With our puppies comes a strict contract as we keep in contact for the life of the animal placed. Finding the 'Right Puppy' for you & your family should be a long hard thought process. They are not just a toy or to be disposed when no longer wanted but, be a life time commitment and not to be taken lightly. We have a puppy questionnaire that has to be filled out by all inquirers and then we will contact you if you are approved. Please note the importance of finding the right home for the animal is first for us. We not only care where they go but, how they are cared for their entire lives. We have a very strict contract for the life of the puppy as their life is very important to us. We do not take breeding lightly nor, make money from breeding.  All puppies have their dew-claws removed, receive age-appropriate shots, wormed, and vet-checked before leaving our home. We crop our Great Danes ears and this is optional for puppy buyers if they desire cropped or to be left natural. We "imprint" all of our animals at an early age, so the puppies are used to all the new things in life such as children, noise, touch, etc. Along with the pups leaving, the buyers will also receive a puppy packet, which will be gone over with the breeder. This packet will include information of the puppy, proper feeding, FAQ and other helpful information.

***Please know purchasing a pup cost's start from 2 grand + on up depending on pedigree/color then all health care, food, vaccines, dew claw removal, worming,cropping of ears (ear cropping is additional on top of cost of puppy) and material for ears to stand , training etc.

In showing or having a show dog put in the cost of  handler fees if apply, show fees to get it's AM Champion Title or Nat/Int Ch along with the traveling fees, if you have a RV then RV payments and all cost of the RV, Gas, hotel costs, health testing then onto breeding the stud fees, hormonal blood draws, surgical implant costs, A-I, C-section if needed, dewclaw removal, puppy milk replacement if needed, all puppy liter material, news papers, towels/blankets that keep running washing machine and dryer non stop to keep up with cleaning of puppy pen and puppies all cost A LOT OF MONEY. In the end of it all we do not make money as we are lucky to break even.***

Spending hours on the phone interviewing families that want a pup etc.  

Being up ALL hours taking shifts  watching so Momma does not step or lay on the new borns the list goes on. 

It is a labor of LOVE for the Love of the Breed of the Great Dane.   

Please Note: Retainer fee is not refundable.

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